All handmade. UDON of sanuki style.


WIMG_2773 WIMG_2753 Recently, The world is the enthusiastic to the food culture of Japan.
Ramen became a Japanese food in the world .
This is one of the food culture that Japan is proud of.

However , the original ramen is China .
Noodles as Japanese food since ancient times , is the udon and soba .WIMG_2762

Let me introduce the UDON this time .

there are various types of noodles .
Thin like thread , Thick like a string, WIMG_2749Flat like the belt …
The soft as tofu , and harder than Gummy …
These have a variety of styles in each region of Japan .
The reason is a long thin island nation.

” Goro ” is a UDON shop full of handmade. Sanuki style .
Noodles is a thickness of as much as string .
It is a strong of resilient.

Ordered from Okutama the water used in production .
Ordered from Sanuki the flour .
Ordered from Ibukijima the “dashi”.

This means that everything is carefully selected .
Price is very economy .
Main is the noodles .
Udon 350 yen or more .
” Tempura ” toppings are prepared .
Recommended ‘s tempura ” Toriten”
It is the chicken.

Open 11:00-15:00
close  Saturday