30sec sta. Cozy Apt AKB Shibuya – アパート for Rent – Koto

日本・Kotoのアパート。 The somewhat large studio apartment in Tokyo. I have an apartment of many in this area. I can not speak English well. However, my apartment is being used by the guest of various countries. Definitely, I have proved that my apartment is useful. S… Kotoのすべてのリスティング

SumidaのLarge Groups! 5BR Apt near Sumo AKB

日本・Sumidaのアパート。 The location of my room isn't downtown. So, It is very silent. But also, It have many unique contents. In case of japan, The interesting location isn't only downtown. Rather, The location of tokyo's east have a culture of japanism. Please check my… Sumidaのすべてのリスティング

Cozy Hill Top, for 6 persons – アパート for Rent – 渋谷

日本・渋谷のアパート。 This rent fee is set low, The cleaning fee is set to be higher. This is problems on the system,is favorable settings for the guest over the medium term. It is better that to stay over 5 days. Great location. Many police officers are patrollin… 渋谷のすべてのリスティング