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GO TO DIsney and Haneda By bus


Distance from this area to Disneyland is not far away.
However, the access by train is poor.
If you want to go to DIsney land from this area, it is recommended that you get on the bus after to go to Kinshicho Station once.WIMG_0854

For timetable
Please refer to the URL.
Japanese only
Adult rate is 720 yen
About 45 min

In addition, you can go directly from here to Haneda Airport.

For timetable
Please refer to the URL.
Japanese only
Adult rate is 920 yen
About 40-60 min

WIMG_0864 WIMG_0867

Tokyo “Onsen” Hot springs

In case of stay in Tokyo, “Onsen” Hot springs and public baths

WIMG_9699 W20140622_172636 W20140622_162242 W20140622_162145 W20140622_145423

Onsen is water that contains mineral components other than water from the ground. Basically, hot spring is often located in the vicinity of the volcano. Therefore, the number of hot springs is less in Tokyo. In addition, it is whether is very important that how to enjoy hot spring “Onsen”.

If you want to enjoy the natural scenery or good of view, it is recommended that you go out to the suburbs.

However, traveler’s time has limited. I propose three ways.

1.   Hot spring facilities in Tokyo
Hot water is a hot spring. The view is modern and inorganic. 1000 yen or more

2.  Public baths in Tokyo
Hot water is not a hot spring. You can experience the traditional Japan. Economic. Once about 500 yen.

3.  “Oedo Onsen Monogatari”
Hot water is a hot spring. Interior is reminiscent of the old days of Japan. Once about 2000 yen


I will introduce the Oedo Onsen.

This is located in Odaiba.
Appearance is big, there is atmosphere of old Japan.
Free buses depart from the main station.
As Japan’s first hot spring theme park, it opened in March 1, 2003.
Normal business hours is until the next morning 9 am from 11am.

There is accommodation “Oedo inn Iseya” and simple accommodation “Black Ships Cabin” (men only), this is possible that they will be staying.

In case of weekdays, is able to nap until 7:00 in the rest room or hall without having to use the accommodation.  (this is written in February 2013)

As new attractions of Odaiba that reproduces “Edo” to the city, also as hot spring facilities that be able to go feel free , there is popular  to the elderly from children regardless of gender.

This theme is like do time slip.  After admission, choose from many kind of “yukata” that be able to rent from the facility, spend dressed. In the “Oedo Onsen” You can do game that was popular in the old days on Edo.


URL  http://www.ooedoonsen.jp/daiba/

Address  :  2-6-3, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo

所在地  東京都江東区青海2丁目6番3号


Directions (for free bus)


Around Sumiyoshi station 住吉

Around Kikukawa station 森下

Taste is “Showa”.
You can look Mt Fuji in tokyo even on a rainy day.

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Wow, is It free! You can ride japanese old ship “wasen”

WIMG_0849 WIMG_0851 WIMG_0856 WIMG_0857江東区は水彩都市だ。現在は埋め立てにより海岸が若洲にあるが、かつては現在の内陸部が海岸線であった。江東区役所沿岸部と逆の方向に『海辺』という住所があり、これはそのときの名残だ。 また『木場』という地名は、その名のとおり貯木場があった場所。 当時は運河を用いて木材を運んでいたのだから江東区が運河の町であったことがうかがえる。 そんな江東区はかつての技術や歴史を伝えるために和船の乗船を無料で行っている。 江東区がバックアップし、主にボランティアスタッフで活動しているため無料のようだ。