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Let’t stay at a world heritage.

WIMG_2071 WIMG_2136 WIMG_2141 WIMG_2181 Are you aware of the world heritage?
In many cases, it can enjoy to see.
Japan have a world heritage of more than 15.
This time, I will introduce one of them.

You can stay at a world heritage.

It Is Gokayama.

The way to go here is not easy.
Unique culture remained Because not easy.
Building made by traditional A-frame is left.
In case of “Three Little Piglets”, thatched house had been blown off.
By This building, It is big difference.
I think that it is strong than the brick house.
It is also true fact.
Because It was there from the 16th century.
This area is heavy snowfall top class in Japan.
So, basically, the roof slope is from east to west and from west to east.
In addition, the slope of the roof is significant.
Less likely to put on the snow.
Sun to hit well.
Do you believe that the screw is not used in this building?
The big buildings, it is realized by devising the combination of the tree.
This roof is replaced in 20 years.
It is not possible that to do by this owner.
It need to cooperate all of the residents of the village.