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Fish Tavern of traditional Japanese

WIMG_2567 WIMG_2570 WIMG_2572Japanese say “salary man” that office workers.
In many cases, This “salary man” visit short to the tavern on the way home.
Some people do so by every day.
So, the tavern with reduced cost exists in Japan.
“Yakitori” is famous.
It was born from the masses tavern.

 For a long time, “sake”liquor had been loved in Japan.
Diet that match the liquor is a dish of fish.
A long time ago, Refrigeration technology has not developed.
Fish was easy to go bad.WIMG_2574
So prices of fish was not constant.
In such a situation, economic tavern was present.
People with the right of brokerage of Tsukiji market began to tavern.
The shop name is “U-o-sa-n sakaba”.
Freshness and safety of that is the motto of this shop.
First,It is necessary to order the sashimi.
This is a rule of this shop.
“maguro-butsu” it is cut roughly the tuna
“Takosashi” it is sliced thinly ​​boyle octopus.
“Shimesaba” it is cooking mackerel on a vinegar
Those are eat it with soy sauce, .
Sake is provided about 200 yen a cup.
Patrons order to say “jou-on”.
“Hiya” is provided to chilled .
“Kan” is provided to warmed.
“jou-on” is provided as is.


My favorite “Tsukemen”

WIMG_0536 WIMG_0542 WIMG_0534 WIMG_0531Ramen became the food culture of the world.
I am delighted that I was born in Japan.
Charm of ramen is the collaboration.
Noodles have been carefully selected, and soup made ​​from a variety of materials.

In Hakata, pork”TONKOTSU” ramen.

In Sapporo, miso ramen.

Type of ramen is immeasurable.

Well, I would recommend “Tsukemen” noodle.

There are plenty of kind of taste of soup.
Always, the noodles not attached to the soup, so noodles is not to be too soft.
Eating noisily is the manners of Japan.

The name of the shop to introduce is Nakagawa-kai.

Shopkeeper was originally business man.
For to open the shop, he eat in shops of hundreds, to pursue the taste of your own.
Thick Noodles that made by brand of “Asakusa-kaikaro”.
The soup with a rich creamy taste.
That’s characterized.
There is a strong resilient noodles.
Sliced ​​Roast pork is melt in the mouth.
When you have finished eating noodles, please order “curry-hen” Rice.
This is a service that remake the soup to the curry.

11:30-15:00 18:00-22:00

All handmade. UDON of sanuki style.

WIMG_2773 WIMG_2753 Recently, The world is the enthusiastic to the food culture of Japan.
Ramen became a Japanese food in the world .
This is one of the food culture that Japan is proud of.

However , the original ramen is China .
Noodles as Japanese food since ancient times , is the udon and soba .WIMG_2762

Let me introduce the UDON this time .

there are various types of noodles .
Thin like thread , Thick like a string, WIMG_2749Flat like the belt …
The soft as tofu , and harder than Gummy …
These have a variety of styles in each region of Japan .
The reason is a long thin island nation.

” Goro ” is a UDON shop full of handmade. Sanuki style .
Noodles is a thickness of as much as string .
It is a strong of resilient.

Ordered from Okutama the water used in production .
Ordered from Sanuki the flour .
Ordered from Ibukijima the “dashi”.

This means that everything is carefully selected .
Price is very economy .
Main is the noodles .
Udon 350 yen or more .
” Tempura ” toppings are prepared .
Recommended ‘s tempura ” Toriten”
It is the chicken.


Open 11:00-15:00
close  Saturday


Vegetarian restaurant


Unbelievable!! Can you believe?

They are made by Vegetable. No-meat,No-fish,and No-garlic,No-onion.


I’m not a vegetarian. Sometimes difficult to be meal with vegetarian. Because,taste is different it. This Restaurant is different.WIMG_0009 Rather, even that it is a vegetarian restaurant, I can not believe. It tastes good.

 Vegetarian food in Taiwan “苓々菜館(It’s Vegetable)”

WIMG_9988あなたは信じられますか? これらはすべて野菜で、肉・魚・ニンニク・ねぎは一切使っていない。 私はベジタリアンではない。 ベジタリアンと食事をすることは難しいこともある。 それは味が悪いことがあるからだ。 ここのレストランは違う。 むしろ、ベジタリアンレストランであることすら、信じられない。 おいしい。