Fish Tavern of traditional Japanese


WIMG_2567 WIMG_2570 WIMG_2572Japanese say “salary man” that office workers.
In many cases, This “salary man” visit short to the tavern on the way home.
Some people do so by every day.
So, the tavern with reduced cost exists in Japan.
“Yakitori” is famous.
It was born from the masses tavern.

 For a long time, “sake”liquor had been loved in Japan.
Diet that match the liquor is a dish of fish.
A long time ago, Refrigeration technology has not developed.
Fish was easy to go bad.WIMG_2574
So prices of fish was not constant.
In such a situation, economic tavern was present.
People with the right of brokerage of Tsukiji market began to tavern.
The shop name is “U-o-sa-n sakaba”.
Freshness and safety of that is the motto of this shop.
First,It is necessary to order the sashimi.
This is a rule of this shop.
“maguro-butsu” it is cut roughly the tuna
“Takosashi” it is sliced thinly ​​boyle octopus.
“Shimesaba” it is cooking mackerel on a vinegar
Those are eat it with soy sauce, .
Sake is provided about 200 yen a cup.
Patrons order to say “jou-on”.
“Hiya” is provided to chilled .
“Kan” is provided to warmed.
“jou-on” is provided as is.