japanese seaside resort


WIMG_1455 Are you aware of the “House of the Sea”?
It is a Poetic charm of Japan when to open summer only.
There are memories of variety in this “House of the Sea” Many of the Japanese.
In front of the station Kinshicho “Isomaru Fisheries” is a shop, such as the “House of the sea while being in the city”, can taste Petit journey mood.
And fish that swim vigorously in a water bath, big catch flag, lantern, circle chair, and posters of retro is amazing, .
You are in the store, but you feel like you warp to a city in the fishing port!
With a stove on the table, you are grilled fresh seafood and eat.
Exactly, it is the ultimate empty-handed barbecue.
You don’t need preparation and cleaning !
This shop 24×7. “Jinbei” of the staff wearing is a traditional clothing of Japan.
Since price is economical, please try to go once.WIMG_1414 WIMG_1434 WIMG_1458

夏だけオープンする日本の風物詩だ。日本人の多くはこの『海の家』にいろいろな思いでがある。錦糸町駅の前にある『磯丸水産』は「都会にいながら海の家」に来たような、プチ旅気分を味わえるお店だ。店内には水槽で元気に泳ぐ魚たちや、大漁旗、ちょうちん、トロ箱、丸イス、 レトロなポスターなどがひしめいて、まるで漁港の街にワープしたような気分!