My favorite “Tsukemen”


WIMG_0536 WIMG_0542 WIMG_0534 WIMG_0531Ramen became the food culture of the world.
I am delighted that I was born in Japan.
Charm of ramen is the collaboration.
Noodles have been carefully selected, and soup made ​​from a variety of materials.

In Hakata, pork”TONKOTSU” ramen.

In Sapporo, miso ramen.

Type of ramen is immeasurable.

Well, I would recommend “Tsukemen” noodle.

There are plenty of kind of taste of soup.
Always, the noodles not attached to the soup, so noodles is not to be too soft.
Eating noisily is the manners of Japan.

The name of the shop to introduce is Nakagawa-kai.

Shopkeeper was originally business man.
For to open the shop, he eat in shops of hundreds, to pursue the taste of your own.
Thick Noodles that made by brand of “Asakusa-kaikaro”.
The soup with a rich creamy taste.
That’s characterized.
There is a strong resilient noodles.
Sliced ​​Roast pork is melt in the mouth.
When you have finished eating noodles, please order “curry-hen” Rice.
This is a service that remake the soup to the curry.
11:30-15:00 18:00-22:00