To do when you arrive in japan


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Almost Japanese can’t speak english.
In addition , English of Japanese might be difficult to hear.
You need to prepare the plan that go to the location where you would like to stay from the airport in advance.
Before boarding an airplane,you need prepare a map for going to the location where you would like to stay, and traffic information.
Reason that To prepare in advance
In the case of Japan , Environment of Free Wifi is because very little.
For example , when you lost sight of direction at the station of nearby stay , you will looking for a free WIFI. It is also in Japan , but it is limited .

The following free wifi

It’s a good idea to tell the flight plan to your staff of the place of stay.
They will tell the Japanese traffic situation.
Railway of Japan is convenient than you think.
However , it has not been operated for 24 hours.
If you arrive to Japan in the middle of the night , you may not Reach by rail to the place of stay.
If so, You should give taxi driver the map that you was prepared.
It is better was written address on a paper.